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A gun must be kept clean at all times. Cleaning and lubrication go hand to hand. Without these two, the inner parts of the gun grind against each other. As a result, they get damaged and the gun can cause problems in times of need. A gun cleaning oil is the answer for the necessary lubrication. Also read best gun cleaning kit here.

Today I will give you the best gun cleaning oils out there on the market as of now. You will receive all the information, pros, and cons, and even a final choice on them. So, let us get started.

Best Gun Oil 2018

I have chosen seven gun cleaning oils out there on the market for this article.

1. Break-free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant – Best Gun Oil

First of all, the Break-free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant is perhaps the best gun cleaning oil out there on the market right now. The product has gained its reputation over many years.

The gun cleaning oil has a very efficient penetration. It spreads evenly over the area inside each of the crevice and pit. Once in, it removes all the residues away from the place.

The product creates a long-lasting lubricating film. As a result, all the sand, corrosives, and grit can’t adhere to the surface. Therefore, wear and tear does not occur.

It has gun corrosion inhibitors present in it. This, in turn, helps to stop rust from occurring. In addition, the unique boundary film prevents moisture to decay the metal.

The Break-free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant can work perfectly even in extreme environments. The gun cleaning oil performs even at temperatures as low as -65F to as high as +475F. In addition, you can even use it after it has immersed in saltwater.

  • Efficient penetration cleans each crevice and pit
  • Long-lasting lubricating film protects the gun from sand, grit, and corrosive adhesion
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust forming and unique boundary film protects the gun from moisture
  • Performs well at temperatures as low as -65F and as high as +475F
  • Lubricant breaks down pretty quick

2. Ballistol Multi-purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner:

Another great best gun oil I would suggest you consider is the Ballistol Multi-purpose Aerosol can lubricant cleaner.

The unique feature of the product is that it is biodegradable. As a result, the environment stays clean. You get to play a responsible citizen with this cleaner by your side.

It is very effective in its job which is to lubricate and protect firearms. Not only that, it also protects metal, wood, plastic, and leather as well.

The non-toxic nature and earthy smell add to its benefits. It has an alkaline nature that neutralizes the effect of sweat and skin oils pretty easily.

  • The biodegradable product, non-harmful to the environment
  • lubricates and protects firearms
  • Works well with plastic, wood, leather, and metal as well
  • Not as effective as a weapons lubricator as some of the other products out on the market, such as the Break-free CLP-4

3. Hoppe’s No. 9:

One of the best gun oil available right now is the Hoppe’s No. 9. The company is a trusted one and the product had not disappointed either.

The product is equipped with the brand’s famous No. 9 formula. Thanks to this formula, the product penetrates deep into the gun. The cleaning work it does is very much effective as well.

It cleans the barrel of the gun in a quick way. Also, the product spreads rapidly on its own. As a result, you do not need to do any extensive spreading or scrubbing.

It is completely safe for use. In addition, the using process is also easy, even a beginner could handle it easily.

You can achieve the best result if you use a bore snake along with it. Just use a bore snake with the Hoppe’s No.9 after you have used the firearm.

  • The famous No.9 formula penetrates deep within no time. The cleaning work is exceptional
  • Spreads rapidly and evenly without much hassle on your part
  • Best result can be achieved by using a bore snake along with the product
  • Can’t be used in an enclosed area as it is quite toxic in nature

4. CLP by Sage & Baker:

Now, you can also buy the CLP by Sage & Baker. This product also has some pretty good features.

The CLP by Sage & Baker does not use any harmful chemicals. As a result, you do not suffer from any damage while using this. In addition, the product has a highly penetrating nature. Therefore, it penetrates the gun surface on a micro level and cleans the gun.

The gun cleaning oil cleans all the copper, carbon, and lead fouling with ease. Your gun will remain functional for years to come with this one by your side.

It protects the gun from corrosion and rust. Not only that, the carbon management and contamination management prevent moisture from getting in. The gun stays healthy by using this product.

The CLP by Sage & Baker works against sand and dust adhesion. Sand and dust wear down your gun. This product will help you get rid of this.

  • The gun cleaning oil penetrates and removes all the residues
  • Sand and dust adhesion protection works well
  • Copper, carbon, and lead fouling can easily be removed with this product
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, safe for use
  • It has a pungent odor that can be uncomfortable to work with
  • The product is bit too oily and thick

5. Slip 2000 EWL:

The Slip 2000 EWL is another gun cleaning oil you can definitely buy. Let us check some of its features.

A unique feature of the gun cleaning oil is it stays five times longer than any other lubricant out there on the market. As a result, you will face a lot less wear and friction.

There is corrosion protection feature in it. The product helps to prevent rust from occurring. In addition, the dirt, sand, and dust do not get adhered to the surface of the gun.

It is safe to use on plastic, metal, and wood as well. In addition, you can use it even in extreme weather conditions too.

The product removes all the plastic, copper, carbon, and lead fouling with ease. As a result, the cleanup time is cut in half.

The product is non-toxic as well. So, you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of the gun cleaning oil at all.

  • Stays five times longer, reducing wear and friction
  • Corrosion protection prevents rust forming
  • Dust, sand, and dirt adhesion protection
  • Cleans copper, lead, and carbon fouling efficiently, cutting the cleanup time in half
  • Takes a bit of time to act when subjected to extensive cleaning

6. Lucas Extreme Duty 4 oz CLP 10915:

You can also buy the Lucas Extreme Duty 4 0z CLP 10915 gun cleaning oil. It can definitely do the work.

The product efficiently cleans and protects the gun with ease. It penetrates deep into the gun and removes all the residue build up.

The Lucas Extreme Duty spreads evenly over the surface in no time. You will only need to use a small amount of the product to get a lot of cleaning done. Add to that the cheap cost of the gun cleaning oil, you would see the benefit you will get.

The lubricant properties it has is amazing. With this product by your side, you will experience a lot less friction and wear.

It removes carbon fouling in a very little amount of time. Not only that, the crud removal effect is also superb in this one.

  • Penetrates deep into the gun and cleans all the residue build up
  • Spreads evenly over the surface. You will need a very small amount to get a lot done
  • Amazing lubricant properties protect against wear and friction
  • Removes carbon fouling and crud in an effective way
  • The product is a bit thinner
  • Can’t be used on exterior surfaces of the gun

7. M-Pro7 070-1453:

Now, I would ask you to turn your eyes toward the M-Pro7 070-1453. This one deserves your attention for sure.

The product works in all weather conditions. So, from now on, you do not need to worry about how harsh and adverse climates you face, this product will stand by your side.

It lubricates and protects the firearms in an effective manner. Therefore, wear and friction are lots less experienced. However, the cleaning properties are really poor on this one.

The product comes in a bottle that looks and feels good in the hand. However, the bottle often leaks. This is a serious disadvantage as most of the product gets lost during the process.

I would advise you to use this product with a bore snake to achieve the best results.

  • Works perfectly well in all weather conditions, no matter how harsh and adverse
  • Lubricates and protects the firearms from friction and wear
  • Comes in a stylish bottle
  • Leaks quite often
  • Poor cleaning properties


Now, to help you even more, here is a final choice. If I had to buy a single product from the list, it would be the Breakf-free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant. The product has a very efficient penetration property. In addition, the lubricating film prevents rust from forming. Also, the boundary film helps to stop moisture from damaging the gun. All in all, this gun cleaning oil is definitely worth your money.

So, these are the seven best gun oil out there on the market right now. If you have any more questions related to best gun oil, or if you want me to talk about something else, please do let me know in the comments section below.

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