Can You Over Clean Your Gun

A gun needs proper cleaning and maintenance to sustain over years. However, there is a question that often bothers people, can you over clean your gun? The answer to that is yes, you can. Your firearm gets damaged by both not cleaning it often and over cleaning it. Also, any cleaning done in the wrong way would harm your gun as well.

So, what should you avoid and what should you do instead. That is precisely what I will talk about in this article. Let us begin.

Using Good Quality Cleaning Rods:

One of the primary reasons a gun gets damaged is using poor quality cleaning rods. Cleaning rods that are made of aluminum scratches the barrel of the gun pretty fast. This, in turn, affects the crown and the rifling.

To avoid this problem, you should always use a good quality cleaning rod. I would suggest using cleaning rods made of carbon fiber and/or brass. Now, these brushes would cost more. However, they are completely worth it. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to scratch a gun barrel if you are not using aluminum cleaning rods. Therefore, use the carbon fiber and brass ones and you will do great.

Using a Bore Guide:

The simplest way of protecting your gun from scratches is using a universal bore guide along with the cleaning rods. Always remember that you should only use a bore guide when you are cleaning from the breech. In addition, you would have to select appropriately sized tools as well as brushes. Bore guides are exceptionally easy to use. Also, they are compatible with almost every firearm out there on the market. This adds to its benefits.

Using Quality Cleaning Solvents:

Another essential factor is to use quality cleaning solvents. A good quality gun cleaning oil would keep your gun free from dust. Dust is a serious threat to firearms as they cause crud and gunk formation. On the other hand, a poor quality cleaning solvent, for example, a gummy oil such as REM oil leads to quite a lot of crud build-up. Therefore, you should always go for the good ones. They might cost a bit more but will pay on the long run.

Using a Bore Snake:

A bore snake also protects your gun from damage during cleaning. They prevent any harm to the rifling as well as the crown. However, keep in mind that they can not fully clean a firearm. In addition, they can not remove copper fouling wholly as well. You need to use them only after you have cleaned the barrel and bore with cleaning rods at first. However, some guns such as AR-15s can be cleaned just by bore snake and AR cleaning tools.

When to Clean Your Gun and Why:

The question of when to clean your gun have bothered people for years. The idea is different for everyone. However, you need to think honestly whether your gun is really clean or it does need a proper cleansing. Do not let your idea of dirty and clean cloud your judgment.

In the past, it was suggested that you clean your firearms after each shot you fire. The reason behind this is the older primers, smokeless powders, and black powders had corrosive elements. They caused the gun to catch rust pretty quickly. People would end up with a severely damaged gun.

However, modern ammo is much cleaner. Therefore, you do not need to clean that much often. But keep in mind, copper fouling is different from the powder residue build-up. So, even if you do not need to clean them regularly, you obviously need to do it quite often.


So, as a final word, I would say, yes, it is possible to over clean and damage your gun. However, if you use quality pieces of equipment and know what you are doing, there is not much harm that can happen. Your firearm will stay safe and sound for years to come. You must have a gun cleaning kit if you want to clean your gun efficiently.

So, this is all the information you need on the matter. I hope your dilemma has ended by now. If you want me to talk about something else, or if you have any more questions, please do let me know in the comments section below.

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